All Because You Matter

Publisher: Scholastic

A longed for and loved baby is born to its parents: even before he takes his place in the world, he has been dreamt of and wished for by them and by his ancestors.  This new child’s life is mapped with stars and blessed by the cold moon and hot sun. Yet, as he grows up, there may be times that the young boy questions his place in the universe. He may wonder, as a young black boy, if he really matters. Fortunately, his parents are there at every stage to guide and empower him through his life.

The poetic text of this picture book, written by a mother to her son, seeks to reassure him that he does matter. Since the beginning of time he has mattered, and been thought of and dreamt for like a knapsack full of wishes, and as vital as the moon and the stars.

A poem of a mother’s love in the age of the Black Lives Matter movement, stunningly illustrated by Bryan Collier, this book seeks to remind children that regardless of their background, they are important and valued. It’s also a great book to use to talk to children about racism and to help answer any questions they might have.

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