Publisher: Corgi

Jenna Strong used to be pretty, popular and rich, dreaming of the day she would get a life partner and maybe even be permitted to have a child of her own. Instead, she has somehow ended up as a violent, battle-scarred skinhead in an all-male maximum security prison. Any vestige of the good girl that once was has gone, replaced by a vicious murderer. However, in this terrifying police state controlled by the all powerful ACID, not everything is what it seems. When Jenna is smuggled out of her prison, she realises that not only is her future a mystery, her past is too.

This fast-paced dystopian adventure follows its impulsive protagonist through an unrecognisable Britain in which information is filtered, life choices are dictated by the police, and poverty is hidden behind concealing walls. Emma Pass has created a disturbingly detailed picture of a sinister future, peopled by feisty characters on a non-stop mission to take down the powers that be and expose the truth.

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