Publisher: Bloomsbury

Everyone knows that it’s good manners to cover your nose when you do a great big sneeze. Or do they? One day, Sid forgets this very important rule and out of his nose flies none other than an elephant in a canoe! It’s not long before Sid is sneezing again and with every sneeze, something even wackier and wilder appears.

There are treasure-hunting pirates, trapeze-swinging acrobats, pea-fighting princesses and even a giant on a beanstalk. But there’s only so much chaos that can be allowed and when Sid’s sneezing fit stops, everyone gathers to remind him of what he must do when he next lets out a big ‘Achoo!’…

This brilliantly zany picture book makes the topic of rules and manners incredibly light-hearted and funny. Written in fun rhyming verse, it is a great book to read aloud and keeps you guessing as to what curious characters will appear next. We love the gorgeous illustrations which are full of expression and movement – rules can be seen as boring so it’s great to see a book which addresses them with lots of colour, humour and action.

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