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Publisher: Corgi

Elliot wishes his Mum was more interesting: everyone else’s parents do exciting things like work for the BBC, but his is only a secretary. But is she? One night she goes out late with his uncle, and the next morning her face is all over the news with CCTV footage showing her breaking into the animal testing laboratories of the multinational company Shelby Pardela. His uncle has been arrested, his Mum is on the run, and suddenly things have got much more exciting (and much more dangerous) for Elliot. Can he get to the bottom of what’s happened and clear her name?

This is a tightly-plotted thriller, taking in industrial espionage, computer hacking and environmental activism. With plenty of twists and a gutsy teenage protagonist up against some sinister forces with only his wits and wise-guy best friend to help him, A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E makes for a gripping and suspenseful read.

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