A World of Dogs

Publisher: Nosy Crow

This book is a treasure trove for any child who loves or is interested in dogs or animals. It’s a celebration of fascinating dog facts and real-life stories of amazing dogs, and the illustrations by Luisa Uribe are full of fun and heart, from her chihuahua in a teacup to her huge Great Dane who ate 26 sofas!  

The author, who has also written a brilliant novel from a dog’s point of view, I Cosmowrote this book after adopting an American Dingo puppy called Dany and pledging to find out everything about her. This ignited her curiosity about all things dog – from why their sense of smell is so amazing to doggy ancient history to hero dogs. All this passion and research has been put into this book which makes it a truly brilliant example of non-fiction, fascinating enough to read cover to cover. There’s a helpful glossary and index which will make this book one to return to again and again. And the endpapers would make a fabulous poster! 

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