A Walk on the Wild Side

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

Take a walk on the wild side with two intrepid adventurers: dreaming of becoming zoologists, they take an animal-spotting journey across the world.

Starting near home on a farm, they move on to marvelling at animal homes, habitats and families throughout the world's oceans, jungles, grasslands and woodlands - carefully making friends with any dangerous characters, first. From cows to boa constrictors, chameleons, anteaters, lions and wolves, they come across creatures of all shapes and sizes. Once back home, cats, dogs and even hamsters now seem equally fascinating!

This is a great introduction to the world's key animal habitats, accompanied by amazing facts (why do zebras have stripes?) and humour. The stylishly expansive pen-and-ink illustrations prompt your curiosity along the journey. Great fun!

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