A Story About Afiya

Publisher: Lantana Publishing

Afiya’s fine black skin contrasts beautifully with her flowing white dress, as she skips through the landscape of this lyrical picture book. On her jaunts, she encounters a variety of plants and animals, some of which imprint themselves on the surface of her clothes, leaving a visual reminder of her daily experiences. From bold, yellow-fringed sunflowers and clusters of deep red roses to a flight of pigeons as they take to the sky, Afiya’s dress is swathed in colour, displaying her memories of the day. Every evening, she washes the images from her frock and hangs it up to dry. By morning, it is a fresh, blank canvas, ready to gather the colourful patterns of a new adventure.

Poetic text guides the reader through Afiya’s world, which is delicately brought to life by stunning full-page illustrations in tones of muted pinks, yellows and blues. Children may consider what would be reflected on their own clothing at the end of each day, as they enjoy this gentle, meditative tale, which is perfect for bedtime reading.

The publisher, Lantana, aims to produce inclusive books that celebrate diversity, ensuring all children see themselves and their families reflected in the books they read.

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