A Sprinkle of Sorcery

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Publisher: Simon & Schuster

The three Widdershins sisters - Betty, Fliss and Charlie - live on gloomy Crowstone Island with their dad and pipe-smoking granny, Bunny Widdershins, a witch and proprietor of The Poacher's Pocket, a rather down-at-heel pub.

Now that a curse has been lifted and the family can actually leave the island, the Widdershins have put the pub up for sale - problem is, few people are interested in buying a pub overlooked by a prison. When the girls find a strange girl, Willow, in their garden at night, escaped from nearby prison island Torment, they take her in - but none of the Widdershins are prepared for what happens when Charlie is mistaken for Willow, and kidnapped. A rollicking adventure ensues, following the sisters through misty marshes to a mysterious island, where an old legend is waiting...

The second book in Michelle Harrison's Crowstone series follows on from A Pinch of Magic but is intended to be able to read independently from the first, as a different adventure within the same magical world. Harrison's Widdershins sisters are a continuing delight in all their Terry Pratchett-esque grimy glory, with Oi the cat, feisty Granny and some shady baddies providing laughs and scares in equal measure.

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