A Shiver of Snow and Sky

(1 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Scholastic

Skane is a dark, hard, cold and beautiful island, with magic in its bones. Osa doesn't remember the last time the plague came, heralded by the red lights in the sky, but now it is back again.

In the last plague, her mother died, but Osa survived. Ever since, her father and sister have resented her – hated her, it sometimes seems. Osa is not prepared to let her people suffer again, and she carries a burden of guilt.

So, when the Or, the vicious and violent warriors who drove her people from their first home, come to the island, she sets off, alone and against all advice, for the distant mountains where the Goddess is said to live. She is not expecting the danger, and the friendship, that she finds there...

This fantastic quest is atmospheric and thrilling and packed with adventure and magic. Osa is a strong heroine who fights her own battles and though there is romance, it takes a back seat to the adventure.

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