A Dog With Nice Ears

Publisher: Hachette

All Lola can talk about is dogs: she wants one more than a squirrel or an actual fox. She and her brother Charlie spend a lot of time talking about the sort of dog they would have, if only Mum and Dad would stop saying ‘no!’, and dreaming about what it would be like. Sometimes Lola imagines she has a dog or even pretends Charlie is one!

It’s always a delight and a comfort to step into the lovely world of Charlie and Lola and this charming, warm and very funny book is no exception. Lauren Child captures perfectly the thought processes and dialogue of children who wish they had a dog and the delightful ending may help children who don’t end up getting one. Children will love looking at all the delightful illustrations of different types of dogs. Also, look out for the glorious endpapers of Lola’s drawings of dogs, actually drawn by Lola’s daughter Tuesday...

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