A Dangerous Crossing

Publisher: Little Island

Ghalib and his cousin are badly injured by a bomb one night while out foraging for a pair of shoes. It is the final straw for his terrified parents, who realise that leaving the country they love may be the only way to keep their children alive. Packing nothing but bare essentials, the family set off on a perilous journey through ruined cities, refugee camps and across the cold, dark sea. Along the way, Ghalib will make friends and lose loved ones.

This heartbreaking story depicts the reality of fleeing war, as told by a 13-year-old boy. Mitchell spent time in refugee camps talking to real Syrian families and has based her well-researched tale on their experiences. Not only is their story told with compassion and understanding, it is also a timely and vital read. Deserving of a place on every school reading list.

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