A Big Day for Migs!

Publisher: Andersen Press

It's Migs' first day at school, but when everyone introduces themselves, Migs can barely squeak. If only he wasn't so shy. Then he spots the dressing up box: donning a hat, cloak and boots, he's Migs the Mighty. But his swooping around the classroom creates havoc, destroying Rokko's boat painting: 'Go Away!' shouts Rokko.

Migs hides in a box - then has a brainwave. The class transforms the box into a boat and persuades Rokko to join them on a glorious classroom circumnavigation. All is forgiven, the day is rescued, and Migs got a friend for tomorrow!

With its rhyming text, adorable characters, expressive illustrations and humorous details, this exuberant starting school story beautifully portrays the intense dramas of infant classroom emotions.

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