7 Days

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Publisher: Scholastic

They call Jess 'stig'; they say she's 'trampy' and fat.

'They' are the bullies at school.

This is the story of one week in Jess's life and that of her tormentor, popular girl Kez. Both girls have problems at home: Jess's single mum household is on the verge of poverty, while Kez's mum lives in fear of dad's next violent outburst. Kez can't stand victims and Jess can't help but be one.

The two girls have more in common than they know, including a crush on the laidback Lyndon. Her persistent bullying is about to push Jess over the edge, but can Kez see her own mistakes before it's too late?

Ainsworth has brought a fresh approach to the school bully story. Yes, Jess is a typical target because she's overweight, but thankfully the story avoids an unrealistic weight loss/makeover cliché.

A short, punchy read with a strong message that, unfortunately, stays relevant.

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