Spark books and resources

Spark includes two books, two accompanying resources and an introductory letter. The resources provide advice and ideas for engaging students in reading for pleasure by creating meaningful sensory experiences that bring books to life.

The selected books are:

  • A River by Marc Martin
  • Professional Crocodile by Giovanna Zoboli and Mariachiara Di Georgio

A River

Author: Marc Martin

A lovely, poetic story following a girl's imaginary journey from the city to the sea, complete with immersive illustrations.

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Professional Crocodile

Author: Giovanna Zoboli and Mariachara Di Giorgio

What does a crocodile do for a living? This delightfully unusual picture book explores that very question. A sophisticated yet accessible book that reminds us not to prejudge, but rather to examine, ask questions and to wonder at the world around us.

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The Resources:

Creating a Spark

The resources aim to provide practitioners in special schools with a range of adaptable ideas for using the books. Each resource contains instructions for one sensory project, along with several additional activities and page-by-page ideas for exploring the book using sensory experiences.

Creating a spark with A river

This resource uses A River by Marc Martin as a springboard for a diverse range of activities.

Creating a Spark with Professional Crocodile

This resource uses Professional Crocodile by Giovanna Zoboli and Mariachiara Di Giorgio as a springboard for a diverse range of activities.

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