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These special fundraising packs give you all the information you need to organise your own special Pyjamarama day. We will be celebrating Pyjamarama on Friday 13 May – if this date does not work for you, please do select your own – and look forward to encouraging the children to spend a cosy day in pyjamas, sharing and reading stories and donating to BookTrust. 

You will find everything you need in the packs. This includes:

  • Posters – to print out and display to make sure everyone knows about Pyjamarama
  • Information sheets – giving you all the details, tips and ideas needed for the big day
  • Activity sheets – a range of activities for children to complete on the day
  • Letter and email templates – these can be used to send to parents and carers to let them know about the day and also provide some tips for reading at home

Download the pre-event press release

Download the post-event press release

As well as all that, you can also find:

  • Special author videos recorded by some of our favourite authors, which you can use on Pyjamarama day
  • Additional activities to do for Pyjamarama 2022, from making your own finger puppets to a children's guide on how to write a book review

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How your money helps

Naomi grew up in a household with few books. When Naomi started her own family, she came across BookTrust’s Bookstart programme and was told about the importance of reading with her baby from the start. As soon as her daughter was born, Naomi made sure there was always time to snuggle up and read together, and her daughter who is now six, is an avid reader and always has a book on the go. Naomi has seen how reading takes her into imaginary worlds and helps her deal with everyday worries and is amazed how it is also helping her to do well in all subjects at school.

Not all children get the same opportunity as Naomi’s daughter and through Pyjamarama we want to help support the children who are at risk of missing out on the joy and confidence that bedtime stories provide.

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