Amazing and Everybody Has a Body activities

If your school received Amazing and Everybody Has a Body as part of the Pori Drwy Stori Nursery, Book Talk, then you'll find all the relevant activities and guides here.

Introducing Book Talk

Introducing Book Talk

A bilingual leaflet to introduce Book Talk to families, with some useful ideas and tips.

Question cards

Book Talk question cards

To help you enjoy 'Amazing' and 'Everybody Has a Body' together. Two colourful sheets to help parents and carers enjoy reading with their children, talk about the books and ask questions

Read the practioner guide

Download the guide

How to make the most of Pori Drwy Stori Nursery: Key recommendations, ideas and examples of good practice.

Activity sheet

Amazing activity

Activity related to Amazing, encouraging parents and carers to talk, play and have fun with their child!

Activity Sheet

Everybody has a body activity

Everybody has a body activity, encouraging parents/ carers to talk, play and have fun with their child!

Post cards

Post cards

Three fun feedback postcards to help develop and strengthen home-school and setting links.

Listen to Amazing in Welsh

Listen to Everybody Has a Body in Welsh


Book Talk poster

Colourful poster (with question prompts) for children to talk about with their families.