The Unicorn's Challenge Magazine

This magazine of fun activities has been adapted this year to be given to children as they move from Reception to Year 1.

Activities are linked to the Literacy and Numeracy Framework outcomes and encourage children to practice skills at home through playing games with a parent or carer. To get children excited about receiving a magazine, Year 1 teachers can play some of the games in class first.

Unicorn’s Challenge Magazine

Download the magazine

The Unicorn’s Challenge magazine is full of activities and games to help support numeracy skills in the Foundation Phase.

Unicorn's Challenge Teacher Guide

Download the teacher guide

A guide for teachers with tips and ideas for using the Unicorn’s Challenge resource

Unicorn's Challenge videos

Interactive videos

Here are some interactive videos to help you have fun with your Unicorn’s Challenge magazine. Join the Pori Drwy Stori explorers and start your Unicorn’s Challenge adventure!