My Book

Welcome to your book-making materials from Pori Drwy Stori. Every child in your Reception class will receive a copy of the My Book resource designed to develop pupils' skills in mark making and writing and to make your class feel like real authors.

 This unique resource will help your class to explore the process of making their own book, providing a motivating tool which will allow them to write independently and collaboratively in response to a variety of stimuli, on subjects that are of interest and importance to them. We would suggest using these with your class during the summer term.

My Book

Download the My Book template

The My Book resource, that has been developed to enable each child to have plenty of space in which to create their own story.

Guide for teachers

My Book guide for teachers

A bilingual guide with lots of helpful and creative suggestions for teachers using the My Book resource with their class.

Toolkit for teachers

My Book toolkit

This toolkit is packed with fun ideas for lessons and activities using the My Book resource, inspired by teachers from across Wales. Many of the activities involve a lot of oracy work, using speaking and listening work as a starting point.