Bookstart Superbox Conference 2017: Reading, Talking, Sharing

A big thank you to everyone who attended our Superbox 2017 Conferences in North and South Wales.

We had a fantastic time sharing ideas with early years practitioners and were inspired by a very special keynote speech by Kathy Goouch, Professor of Early Education at Canterbury Christ Church University.

What is Superbox?

Superbox supports early years practitioners to inspire children and families across Wales to enjoy books and reading together.

Superbox, part of the Bookstart programme, equips practitioners with the skills and resources to:

  • Promote shared reading in their settings
  • Encourage parents and carers to read and enjoy books with their children
  • Use books creatively in early years sessions

Superbox workshop

How does it work?

The Superbox conference brings together early years professionals such as play workers, early language specialists, librarians, nursery workers and Superbox bookshealth visitors working with 0-5-year-olds. The conference focuses on sharing good practice and giving delegates plenty of new ideas to use in their settings.

Everyone attending on the day takes home a special Bookstart Superbox Baby and Bookstart Superbox Early Years pack.

These Superboxes contain multiple copies of the current Bookstart books, along with resources to lead creative and engaging sessions.

Having access to multiple copies of the books opens up a range of possibilities for exciting activities to engage families.

Superbox feedback and resources

The best training day I've attended in a very long time.

Superbox 2016 delegate

Inspiring storytelling ideas and ideas for parent workshops.

Superbox 2016 delegate

Great speakers who really understood delegate needs.

Superbox 2016 delegate

Superbox 2017 resources

An A4 bilingual activity sheet for each book

Mae Llygoden yn Fach (Mouse is Small) by Mary Murphy; All About Me! by Dorling Kindersley; Dawns yr Anifeiliaid (Doing the Animal Bop) by Jan Ormerod and Delyth George; Hooray for Fish by Lucy Cousins.

Superbox 2017 resources

Tips for running a Superbox session

Advice from practitioners who have run Superbox and Storytime sessions.

Superbox 2017 Session Diary

Superbox Session Diary

These diaries will help BookTrust understand how Superbox resources are used and how they make a difference.

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National Bookstart Week 2017 resources