Adam Murphy on Corpse Talk: Season 1 and being nominated for a Blue Peter Book Award

Published on: 11 February 2015

Adam Murphy/Corpse TalkFirst of all, congratulations on making the Blue Peter Book Awards 2015 shortlist! What's it like being nominated for a Blue Peter Book Award?

Brilliant! It's a really great feeling to know that people out there can see the care and hard work that I put into Corpse Talk.

Can you tell us something no one knows about Corpse Talk: Season 1?

The best part of the whole concept: that I should be interviewing historical corpses, was actually my wife's idea! I'm very lucky to have married a genius :-)

Do you think you would have enjoyed judging a book award when you were in school?

Definitely. I would have enjoyed reading the books, and I always know which ones I like best!

The Blue Peter Book Awards turn 15 this year - which books were you reading when you were 15?

All sorts of stuff! And I think it was at about that age that I discovered a lot of the books that really influenced my thinking and my life from then on. The Lord of the Rings. William Blake's Marriage of Heaven and Hell. Akira. William Golding's The Inheritors. Edwin Morgan's poems. Sherlock Holmes. I read a lot :-)

If children enjoyed reading your book, what would you recommend they read next?

The Phoenix magazine! It comes out every week with all sorts on cool comics, including loads of new Corpse Talks!

Other than that, I'd say that if one of my guests from Corpse Talk seems really interesting to you, just look them up! There's all sorts of great books out there about interesting historical people.

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Lost Tales

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Corpse Talk author Adam Murphy and colourist/co-creator Lisa Murphy have been delving into all four corners of the earth to bring you a collection of fascinating myths and legends from all over the world.

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