Time to Read for teachers or home educators

Research shows that a child who reads for fun will do better in all subjects, even maths. Shared reading is also hugely important for children's personal development and wellbeing. We can help you encourage reading for pleasure at YOUR school with our Time to Read programme.

Rob and Kids

We want to get families sharing stories with their children, even once they begin to read on their own. To help them do this we are giving every Reception pupil in England a copy of The Cave by Rob Hodgson (Frances Lincoln Children's Books) – it's a fantastically funny book that's sure to get little ones hooked on books!

From September 2019, your school will receive a delivery of books to give out to your Reception class.

On this page, you'll find lots of great resources and ideas to help you theme a lesson or activity around the story and get your class excited about their new books.

  • Get more packs for schools 

    If you’re short of a pack or two when you receive your delivery in September, you can request more packs here.
  • Order packs for home educators - CLOSED

    Home educators can order packs for 4-5 year olds who would be in Reception, were they attending school. 
  • Order packs for hard to reach children - CLOSED

    We also try to reach families of Reception-aged children where the child may not receive their pack through school. This could include: looked after children, children in hospital, or Gypsy, Roma and Traveller families. 
  • Any issues, contact timetoread@booktrust.org.uk 

Time to Read for families: what you need to know

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