Spark books and resources

Find out more about the books and resources available from Spark for special schools providing a range of ways to inspire a love of reading through reading and adapting stories.

The selected books are:

  • The Dragon Machine by Helen Ward and illustrated by Wayne Anderson
  • A River by Marc Martin

There is also an e-version of The Dragon Machine which allows pupils to watch with signing or read along is also available here.

A River

Author: Marc Martin

A lovely, poetic story following a girl's imaginary journey from the city to the sea, complete with immersive illustrations.

Read more about A River

The Dragon Machine

Read along with the story or watch with signing. See if you can spot the dragons when you're out and about!

Resources also include:

A Guide to Sensory Stories

Designed to support the teaching of Sensory Stories, this resource outlines the benefits of using this approach and provides teachers with further advice on how to use Sensory Stories effectively to engage their pupils with books and reading.

Assessment and Evaluation

Provides teachers with advice and ideas on evaluating the successes of a particular activity, the achievement of individual students and the class as a whole through the use of teacher and self-assessment.

Creating a Sensory Story with The Three Little Pigs 

Uses a sensory approach to generate engagement and bring the tale to life whilst making many cross curricular links to maths, art and science.

Creating Stories

A fun and creative resource that involves using children’s own ideas, skills, imaginations and personalities to create characters, artwork and a whole book.

Creating a Soundscape

Sound can be a powerful means of engaging an audience with a text and this resource focuses on creating soundscapes to allow pupils to immerse themselves in the selected story. Pupils’ imaginations can be stimulated by the wide range of activities suggested.

Creating a Human Machine

Developing pupils’ social skills and their ability to work as a team, this particular resource involves pupils using their bodies to recreate an object or scene.

Creating More Sensory Stories 

Uses a sensory approach to generate engagement, enjoyment and aims to bring The Dragon Machine and A River to life through a range of physical activities.

For more free resources for your special school, find out about the Special School Library pack

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