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We have everything you need to help your students get the most out of Bookbuzz.

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Each Bookbuzz school receives:

  • A book and bookmark for every participating student to keep
  • Two sets of the Bookbuzz books for your school library and staff room. (Mainstream schools will receive 2 sets of all core titles. Special schools will receive 1 set of core, and 2 sets of accessible titles).
  • A guide to using Bookbuzz, including tips on how to launch the programme at your school, tools to support your planning and ideas for writing projects based on the Bookbuzz books.
  • This website packed with a wealth of information for you and your students, including extracts from the books, a film featuring the Bookbuzz authors, downloadable resources and exclusive competitions.
  • A selection of the Bookbuzz books each year are also made available in accessible formats: braille and Giant print.

Value for money

Thanks to the support of children's publishers, schools are able to purchase the Bookbuzz programme at the greatly subsidised cost of £3.00 per participating student.

Run Bookbuzz in your school

Bookbuzz FAQs

If you have a question about Bookbuzz then check our FAQs


A helpful summary of dates for the coming year to help you run Bookbuzz in your school.

The Bookbuzz books

Here are the amazing Bookbuzz titles for 2017! There really is something for everyone, even the most reluctant of readers, with funny books, fact books, fast-paced action and mystery - and much, much more.

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Our programmes

Our programmes

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