Publisher: Jonathan Cape

Hannah Berry, Booktrust's former writer in residence, takes her love of dark humour, les bandes dessinées and noir and twists them into a boiler room of a novel, that is claustrophobic and creepy. It's certainly not one to read late at night by yourself.

Four strangers are on the last train home when it is mysteriously derailed. As they all try to find out what's going on, we find out the thing that connects them all, which may be lurking outside the train. Is it a serial killer or is it something more paranormal?

Hannah Berry creates a slow burning tension with a creepy washed out colour palette full of greys and blacks. The characters each represent a different perspective on the moral compass and as secrets are revealed, the tension ramps up to creepy conclusion. The second book from Berry is a masterful exercise in tension and suspense.

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