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Great Christmas gifts: Picture books

It's Snow Day

Looking for the perfect gifts this Christmas? Check out our list of great picture books that children will love finding under the tree or in their Christmas stocking this year.

For inclusive titles, take a look at The Five of Us, Off to the Park, Over the Hills and Far Away, or Made by Raffi.

For parents who are unconfident readers, Freddy and the Pig, Itch Scritch Scratch, Wolfman and All I Said Was are picture books that will support your reading with your child.

For beautiful books, have a look at Have You Seen My Dragon?, Mr Tweed's Good Deeds, and The Memory of an Elephant.

And have a look to see what else is there!

  • Shh! We Have a Plan

    Author: Chris Haughton
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Deep in the dark of a moonlit forest, four shady hunters are out to catch themselves a bird. Or at least they’re trying...

  • Hermelin: The Detective Mouse

    Author: Mini Grey
    Publisher: Jonathan Cape

    Hermelin the Detective Mouse lives in the attic at the top of Number 33 Offley Street. From here, with the help of his trusty typewriter and binoculars, he solves all kinds of mysteries

  • The Yes

    Author: Sarah Bee Illustrator: Satoshi Kitamura
    Publisher: Anderson Press

    Stunning illustrations complement this quirky story to encourage reluctant adventurers to overcome their anxieties and grasp life with both hands.

  • Off to the Park!

    Author: Stephen Cheetham
    Publisher: Child's Play

    We're off to the park - what will we find? Which way shall we go? The swings or the slide? Take a look inside!

  • Little Lou and the Woolly Mammoth

    Author: Paula Bowles
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    This rhyming picture book tells an entertaining and engaging story with funny twists, which is great to read out loud.

  • All I Said Was

    Author: Michael Morpurgo Illustrator: Ross Collins
    Publisher: Red Squirrel Books

    One of an innovative series of dyslexia-friendly picture books which feature accessible fonts, strong contrast, good spacing and uncluttered layout to ensure accessibility for all, including parents with reading difficulties.

  • Have You Seen My Dragon?

    Author: Steve Light
    Publisher: Walker Books

    A counting book that is a cut above the rest in terms of its beautiful design and style. New Yorker Steve Light brings all the shapes and sights of the city to these stunning spreads.

  • Dinosaur Rhyme Time

    Author: Valentina Mendicino
    Publisher: Faber & Faber

    All your favourite nursery rhymes... but all the characters in this version are dinosaurs!

  • Mr Tweed's Good Deeds

    Author: Jim Stoten
    Publisher: Flying Eye Books

    Children will love playing along and discerning adults cannot fail to be impressed by Flying Eye's beautiful production. Mr Tweed's Good Deeds is very good indeed.

  • Made By Raffi

    Author: Craig Pomranz Illustrator: Margaret Chamberlain
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

    A delightful and gently revolutionary picture book that challenges our absurd notions about what constitutes 'normal' or 'appropriate'.

  • The Five of Us

    Author: Quentin Blake
    Publisher: Tate Publishing

    This book is testament to Blake's belief that all children need to be able find themselves in books.

  • This Book Just Ate My Dog!

    Author: Richard Byrne
    Publisher: OUP

    Bella decides to take her dog for a walk but as she crosses from one page to the next her dog disappears between the pages!  Many people come to investigate including Bella's friend Ben, a dog rescue van and the police. Eventually the reader is asked to help by shaking the book until all of the characters reappear. 

    This Book Just Ate My Dog! is th…

  • Bears Don't Read

    Author: Emma Chichester Clark
    Publisher: Harper Collins

    Bears Don't Read  is a wonderfully engaging picture book about the joy of reading and how much fun it can be to help others.

  • How the Library (Not the Prince) Saved Rapunzel

    Author: Wendy Meddour Illustrator:  by Rebecca Ashdown
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

    This is how every fairy tale should be written, with the protagonist - regardless of gender - saving themselves from a life of solitude and boredom. A great read.

  • Over the Hills and Far Away

    Author: Elizabeth Hammill (collected by)
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    With rhymes from African, Native American, First Nation, Inuit, Latino and Maori cultures set alongside more well-known ones from the United Kingdom, this is truly a treasure trove of nursery rhymes that belongs on every bookshelf.

  • Freddy and the Pig

    Author: Charlie Higson Illustrator: Mark Chambers
    Publisher: Red Squirrel Books

    Freddy hates school and thinks that it is boring, but he comes up with clever plan. The dyslexia-friendly features make this book highly accessible.

  • Itch Scritch Scratch

    Author: Eleanor Updale Illustrator: Sarah Horne
    Publisher: Red Squirrel Books

    Head lice are the focus of this fun and engaging picture book. The dyslexia-friendly features make this book highly accessible.

  • Wolfman

    Author: Michael Rosen Illustrator: Chris Mould
    Publisher: Red Squirrel Books

    Wolf Man has escaped from his cage and is wrecking the town. All of the people in the town are scared and are rushing to hide indoors. The dyslexia-friendly features make this book highly accessible.

  • It's Snow Day

    Author: Richard Curtis Illustrator: Rebecca Cobb
    Publisher: Puffin

    This must-read winter picture book is crammed with fabulously joyful and expressive illustrations and will be loved by young and old alike.

  • The Memory of an Elephant

    Author: Sophie Strady Illustrator: Jean-Francois Martin
    Publisher: Chronicle Books

    The Memory of an Elephant is one of the most unusual picture books of the year. Marcel's marvellous book will be a real conversation piece.