Wings: Typhoon

(1 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Take to the Skies

Publisher: Barrington Stoke


Sisters Jess and Maddie used to get on so well but their stay at a summer football camp just seems to have increased the antagonism that now divides them.

As an end-of-camp treat, they visit an airshow and get to try out a simulator for the Typhoon, a cutting-edge fighter plane. As the sisters bicker away, something very odd happens and they realise that they are no longer 'simulating' anything. The plane seems to be en route to a bombing mission and they must work together if they are to complete the mission successfully and make it home safely.

High octane thrills and spills combine with a familiar tale of sibling conflict in this super-readable time-slip tale. Black-and-white illustrations and a cut-out-and-make Typhoon model add an extra dimension to this final instalment in the Wings trilogy.

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