Wild Goose

Publisher: Award Publications

When Goose and Sophie go exploring with their friends, the day is full of exciting discoveries. Little do they know that by the end of it, they will have built dens, hunted for bugs and used wooden sticks as magical wizard wands. 

The eighth picture book in the Goose series, Wild Goose continues the cute and unusual friendship between Sophie and her goose.

However, this story is less about that friendship and more about outdoor adventures. This is a great book to encourage children to connect to the wildness around them in a safe and imaginative way, finding all sorts of exciting discoveries and potential games in nature. 

Little ones may see themselves reflected in Goose, who follows the trio of friends and acts as observer. In fact, Goose is wonderfully drawn in Laura Wall's bold, simple style, and really feels full of warmth and character. It's easy to believe in these friendships and feel inspired to go and play outside.

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