Wild Animals: A Mix-and-Match Book

Publisher: Bloomsbury

What do you get if you mix together a tiger, a chameleon and a toucan? A ‘Tamecan’ of course! A tiger’s head with wiggling whiskers, the colour-changing chameleon’s skin, and a toucan’s tail. Think that’s weird? Well, in this book readers can make all sorts of strange and inventive creatures by turning the different sections of the pages over to mix and match different animals together.

Funny, highly interactive and sure to generate a lot of fun, there are hundreds of possible different combinations. Can you guess what animals might make a ‘Ganguke’? What about an ‘Eligon’? A great way to explore a book in a different and exciting way. Readers can sit and enjoy the humour, or perhaps create their own drawings of the animals they create and think about the environment they might live in or what they might like to eat. Endless possibilities!

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