What's In the Box?

Publisher: Little Tiger

A pile of boxes has arrived... Can you guess what hides inside?

Playing on every toddler's instinctive love of boxes and trying to discover what's inside (or even clambering inside them), this brilliantly interactive book contains a few different boxes with "surprise" guests inside, from dragons to unicorns. As well as lifting the flaps to reveal the contents of the boxes, the creatures inside the books are fantastically tactile. Who can resist tickling the sparkly scales on the dragon's tummy or stroking the unicorn's magnificent pink hair?

The book is chunky and a good size for small hands and rough handling. The pages are clearly laid out with large font, lots of white space, and eye-catching design and illustration by Joaquin Camp, guaranteeing that What's in the Box? grabs and keeps the attention of little ones without overwhelming. 

Fun and lively reading, What's in the Box? also ends on a nice note that books make the greatest surprise present of all. 

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