We Are Giants

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Publisher: Quercus

When the family business closes, nine-year-old Sydney's family relocate to Portsmouth to live near their grandmother. Life isn't easy. She has trouble settling into the new school, Grandma is icy, and to top it all, Sydney's sister has started bunking off to hang out with some rather dubious new friends. Everything is falling apart around her. But if anyone can rise above a situation, it's Sydney's mum: a veritable tower of strength.

Sydney's mother Amy is 124cm tall - and in her heart, Sydney longs to be a 'little person' too. Since her father's death, she feels like she's growing too fast, and she's scared to outgrow her mum and lose their special connection.  

This moving drama brings a fresh perspective to the diversity of family life. It is a positive and uplifting story, with fun characters and an emotional depth, that remains a light entertaining read.

Particularly pleasing is its approach to restricted growth - a subject which has rarely appeared in books. Rooted in realism, the book acknowledges the challenge of ignorant attitudes (someone in a shop jokingly calls Amy one of the Seven Dwarves) and the vital adjustments that can make life easier (such as adapted pedals in their car). Meanwhile, an ingenious and moving touch sees Sydney endeavouring to stay small by practising her father's shrinking exercises.

Perfect for young fans of Jacqueline Wilson, who has endorsed this debut author.

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