Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Ralfy Rabbit loves to read. He loves books and wants to read all the time. He makes lists of his books and the books he wants to read, awarding them carrot ratings as he goes. None of this is a problem until Ralfy starts nosing into other people's bookshelves while they are asleep and even taking them home. This bunny is a book burglar but when books start disappearing from PC Puddle's shelf it's time for Ralfy to learn the difference between stealing and borrowing…

Little book lovers will adore this silly story of naughty Ralfy. The illustrations are fun and modern, with some bunny puns to keep adults entertained too. The wonder of libraries is reinforced as Ralfy realises there is a place where he can take whatever books he fancies, the only condition being that they are returned so that no one ever has to resort to stealing a book - which really is the most amazing thing of all. A picture book to preserve this wonderful luxury should be shared and borrowed and shared again.

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