This Book Just Ate My Dog!

Publisher: OUP

Bella decides to take her dog for a walk but as she crosses from one page to the next her dog disappears between the pages!  Many people come to investigate including Bella's friend Ben, a dog rescue van and the police. Eventually the reader is asked to help by shaking the book until all of the characters reappear. 

This Book Just Ate My Dog! is the latest picture book from Richard Byrne. This cute funny book quickly draws the reader in by addressing them and asking them to interact with the book and help solve the problem faced by the characters. The bright colourful illustrations are sure to increase the enjoyment of the story and the different sizes, positions and types of text add variety. The book also has to be turned at different points in order to orientate the text correctly and at one point the book needs to be shaken in order to help the characters.

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