The Wicked Deep

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

For three weeks every summer, the town of Sparrow is swamped by tourists anticipating murder.

In 1822, the seductive Swan sisters were thrown into the ocean with weights tied to their feet, convicted of witchcraft without evidence or a trial. Almost two centuries later, their spirits still return from the deep to get revenge by luring unwitting young men to their deaths.

When local girl Penny Talbot meets outsider Bo on the eve of 'Swan season’, neither is aware that their accidental meeting might change the fate of Sparrow forever.

A thrilling, threatening story of the supernatural, this young adult novel is a curious mix of ethereal ghost story and brutal murder-mystery. The natural elements dominate both the setting and the storyline, bridging the space between past and present and exploring themes of love, loss and vengeance.

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