The Way It Is

Publisher: Troika Books

These four short stories offer a glimpse into four very different lives, as we meet some young people in dramatic moments of their lives.

Kantu's story is full of pace and danger. His tribal culture is celebrating his coming of age, but a shocking discovery changes his future forever. Prakash learns an important lesson about not judging others when he extends a kind offer to a boy in his school. A devastating tsunami changes the way one boy looks upon his elders. And in the final story, it is a blind uncle who changes the way one girl sees the world.

Ashley's writing is taught and economical. The stories move at a surprising pace, but they are filled with insight and empathy. Reluctant readers could be swayed by the brevity of this collection, while enthusiastic readers will relish the diversity and detail of these unknown lives.

It is fitting that these stories have changing perceptions as their themes - this book will surely do the same for its readers.

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