The Truth About My Unbelievable School

Publisher: Chronicle Books

When Henry is asked to show a new pupil around the school, he takes her to see the class pet (a giant jellyfish), the science room (featuring what appears to be a space rocket being built) and a rather reptilian swimming instructor. This certainly isn't your average school! Yet, when the end of the day comes, the new girl has an even bigger surprise up her sleeve!

Benjamin Chaud's brilliantly atmospheric illustrations make this little book a complete delight – there's so much to see in the spooky, odd school he depicts, full of retro-style librarians and kids curled up in book nooks, reptilian teachers scoffing sweets in the staff room and a very splodgy mashed potato problem in the cafeteria.

A fantastically quirky book that still feels super cool and a fun, quick read for kids making their way up from standard format picture books.

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