The Summer I Robbed a Bank

Publisher: Puffin

Rex is definitely NOT the sort of person to rob a bank. He's a big worrier and his Mum still calls him Rexypoos - but when his parents split up and his Mum breaks her leg, he's sent to stay with his brilliant Uncle Derm on a remote Irish island for the summer.

It's not an easy start for Rex, who is soon facing sheep in his bedroom and very weird carrots for dinner. But before long, he and his new friend Kitty are wrapped up in Uncle Derm's most outlandish plot yet...

With Uncle Derm having a very personal reason to save local assisted-living centre the Old Coastguard Station, will the gang be able to stop evil developer Mr Angley from demolishing it?

The Summer I Robbed a Bank is a fantastically funny adventure, packed with high jinks, close calls, delightful nonsense and larger-than-life characters. Expect everything from disgusting ice-cream to giant inflatables, basking sharks and one very daring heist.

In amongst all the silliness, it's a joy to see Rex begin to relax and grow in confidence, and the story touches sensitively on issues of family separation and serious illness.

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