The Story of Doctor Dolittle

Publisher: Vintage


Mice in the piano, rabbits in the pantry, hedgehogs in the cellar: welcome to the home of Dr Dolittle, the greatest animal doctor ever known. Animals are his whole world, and being able to speak their secret languages definitely helps with diagnosing their illnesses.

One day, he receives a message from deep within the African jungle: the monkeys are sick and they need his help. Can Dr Dolittle make it across the wild ocean and find a way to heal them? Accompanied by his band of animal friends (a crocodile, duck, parrot, pig, monkey, dog and owl), the doctor sets off on an exciting around-the-world adventure full of danger and discovery.

This classic animal story, despite being nearly a hundred years old, still entertains and delights - from the bridge-building monkeys to the dog with an incredible nose, parrot navigators to the mysterious pushmi-pullyou. Join them if you dare!

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