The Steves

Publisher: Two Hoots Books

What do you do when you meet a fellow Steve who is trying to out-Steve you?

Two puffins called Steve come face to face and lots of funny competitiveness follows in this gigglesome and memorable picture book. The first Steve is CONVINCED that they are the better Steve, having appeared in the book an entire page sooner. The second Steve, predictably, would beg to differ... and does.

Not only is this storyline absolutely brilliant and oddly gripping (with a twist at the end), but Morag Hood's illustrations are the perfect medium for it. The colours are bright, the faces are expressive, and there's a dash of sponge printing about it that captures the chaos and cheer of the book's target age. 

So, who is the 'Stevest Steve'? Well, it ends up seeming a rather silly argument, just like the kind that can, and does, break out between young friends. There's room for everyone to be a Steve – and we can all be Steve in whichever way we'd like, with no one way being the best! 

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