The Rose Society

(2 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Penguin

Adelina possesses dangerous powers that have made her feared and loathed throughout the land. She has been rejected, hurt and turned on by almost everyone she knows - and now the darkness within her is crying out for revenge.

Adelina sets her sights on the Inquisition Army, who made it their goal to destroy those who are different, and the secret Dagger society, a band of gifted individuals like her who expelled her from their company. She decides the best way to wreak vengeance is to claim the throne and punish all who have hurt her. But will she be able to seize power before the darkness within consumes her?

This is the second novel in the Young Elites Trilogy and it packs an exciting punch. Although it is easier to follow if you have read the first book, those new to the series will be able to pick up the story should they wish to start here.

Adelina is an incredible protagonist: dangerous, hate-filled and tortured, yet so well developed that readers will be hooked on her every move. An exceptionally well written and hugely enjoyable read.

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