The Raven Mysteries: Flood and Fang

Publisher: Orion Children's Books

Strange things happen in Castle Otherhand, which isn’t surprising given its eccentric inhabitants. Lord Valevine spends his time performing experiments on frogs, his wife Minty prizes her baking tins almost as highly as her children, and ten-year-old Cudweed tears around the castle with his annoying pet monkey, Fellah.

Teenage beauty Solstice is the castle’s kindly voice of reason. Along with the family’s all-seeing pet raven Edgar (who rather despairingly narrates the story), she helps avert disaster when kitchen maids begin to disappear and the castle mysteriously begins to fill with water…

The first in a mystery series for younger readers, this tale is enhanced by quirky illustrations of the gothic Otherhand family; Edgar’s grumpy narration is sure to delight as well.

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