The Not-So-Little Princess: What’s My Name?

Publisher: Andersen Press

The Little Princess is not so little anymore, so the King declares she must use a more appropriate name. However, her real name is so awful that no one in the palace wants to tell her what it is, in case she has one of her dreadful tantrums - so they all go into hiding.

She tracks them down - the Maid in the laundry basket, the Admiral in the pond, the General in the sentry box - but they will not reveal her name. Eventually, the princess finds her father, who has hidden rather unconvincingly under the carpet, and forces him to spill the beans.

This is a perfect extension to the well-loved picture books about the rude but lovable young royal. With short chapters, fabulously funny colour illustrations on every page, and plenty of insolence, this series of early readers is sure to be a roaring success.

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