The Name of this Book is SECRET

(2 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Usborne

Eleven-year-old Cass is a ‘survivalist’ and her school friend, Max Ernst, an expert at puzzles.

In a house-clearance the children discover a special box containing The Symphony of Smells. They soon find a sinister couple are trailing them and, worse, seem to be behind the disappearance of unusually artistic pupil Benjamin Blake.

The kids’ deductions reveal the importance of synaesthesia (a condition in which senses are linked so that, for example, a sound may evoke a colour) and that this lies behind the obsessions of the ruthless Ms Mauvais and Dr L, and their true activities at the Midnight Sun Spa and Sensorium.

Original and quirky, the lure of a pseudonymous author, ‘secret’ subject matter and warnings of danger should have strong appeal. Short, manageable chapters will further encourage reading.

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