The Mouse Who Wasn’t Scared

Publisher: Walker


Little Mouse is fearless and one morning decides to go exploring in the deep, dark woods. Rabbit warns her about the big, scary creatures who lurk within, but Little Mouse is undeterred and skips among the trees in search of an adventure.

She encounters a variety of ferocious-looking animals, none of whom worry her in the slightest, although she is a little disappointed that they won’t play with her. Eventually, she comes to a small house, nestled among the trees. When she ventures inside, she finally meets a willing playmate – but suddenly, Little Mouse doesn’t feel quite so brave!

The foreboding atmosphere of the forest is boldly depicted by expressive collage illustrations, which combine pencil, paint and print, while splashes of colour throughout reflect Little Mouse’s cheerful personality. One of a collection of Little Mouse tales, this light-hearted picture book demonstrates that fear can come in all shapes and sizes.

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