The Monstrous Tale of Celery Crumble

Publisher: Oxford

Little Celery Crumble looks angelic with a sweet smile on her face, roses in her cheeks and bows in her hair. But appearances can be deceptive and Celery has a nasty habit of playing practical jokes that no one else thinks are funny.

In fact, Celery is so naughty that she is constantly being warned, ‘If you act like a monster then a monster you’ll become. Then you’ll be sorry for all the naughty things you’ve done.’ But Celery doesn’t care and flatly refuses to say sorry for anything.

Until the morning she wakes up with pointy teeth, claws on her fingers, a tail on her bottom and boils on her back. Then she’s sorry – very sorry – but has Celery really changed? What do you think?

This deliciously gruesome, cautionary tale, with its rhyming refrain, is laugh-out-loud funny and, despite the fact that when Celery says she has a present for you, she throws a giant, hairy spider in your face, you can’t help but giggle.    

Effervescent illustrations fizz with energy, and a touch of the gothic, making a monstrous character utterly irresistible. This is one of those picture books that youngsters will request again and again and again… 

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