The Infinity Files

Publisher: Usborne

Ash has always dreamed of being a starfighter pilot – she's determined to play her part in the brutal war between planets that killed her family.

But when her final test doesn't go as planned, she's given a completely different job – the Guardian of the mysterious Library at the End of the Universe.

The library is home to the Infinity Files: vital artefacts from across the galaxy which must be protected, or returned to their rightful homes. Living with hologram Orius, Ash must now travel the length of the universe to help keep the peace... But when she discovers a shocking truth, will she stick to her job or carve her own path?

Pacy and gripping, The Infinity Files is a fantastic sci-fi adventure that builds not just one incredible world, but several. Young readers will love joining the determined, headstrong Ash as she travels from an underwater planet to a snowy kingdom, with plenty of near misses to keep those pages turning.

There are lots of bigger issues to be explored too, from the weight of responsibility to the nature of war – though these never overwhelm what is, at its heart, a riotous adventure through space.

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