The Glory

(1 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Orion

Alex Wood: escaping a Colorado boot camp for troubled teens, riding a stolen horse, and desperate to prove to everyone she's not a failure. Will Greyton: abandoning veterinary college, flipping burgers to raise money for his father's heart surgery, trying to keep his horse, Shiraz.

They wouldn't have met, but for eccentric billionaire, Jonas Ellington. Nostalgic for the old West, Jonas inaugurates The Glory, an endurance horse race across America. Alex and Will enter, both needing the prize money. With hand-me-down kit, no support teams, battling hostile competitors, and appalling weather, surely neither can win?

Part gripping adventure, part love story, this powerful novel travels through an exhilarating yet terrifying landscape. Alex and Will must dig deep, discovering newfound pride in themselves and love for their families.

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