The Girl Who Walked on Air

Publisher: Faber and Faber


Louie was abandoned to Chipchase's Circus as a small baby. She has been brought up by Jasper, a show- stopping trapeze artist.

Louie does all the boring jobs, but she would really like to walk the high wire like her hero, Blondin.

When Jasper has a serious accident Louie thinks she might have a chance to be the new circus showstopper. But Mr Chipchase won't hear of it, so Louie runs off to join the show of his rival, the mysterious Mr Wellbeloved.

Louie soon discovers she has made a mistake. Mr Wellbeloved is hiding a secret that concerns Louie closely.

Louie is a feisty heroine, loyal to her friends and determined to succeed in this engaging historical adventure.

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