Suite Scarlett

Publisher: Hot Key Books

Fifteen-year-old Scarlett Martin lives in a famous art deco hotel in the heart of New York City. But her life isn’t nearly as glamorous as it sounds – the once glamorous Hopewell is growing increasingly shabby, there are no guests and the Martin family are struggling financially. While her friends head off for exciting summer adventures, Scarlett has to stay at home, work for her parents and look after her tiresome younger sister.

But in New York anything is possible, and one day the mysterious Mrs Amberson suddenly arrives on the scene – a glamorous traveller who plans on staying at the Hopewell and wants Scarlett to act as her personal assistant. Soon, Scarlett finds herself with an eccentric new mentor, an unpredictable new job, a host of new friends and a performance of Hamlet to stage – not to mention a handsome new boyfriend on the horizon. The summer is going to be much more exciting than Scarlett could ever have expected.

2012 Queen of Teen Maureen Johnson paints a vivid portrait of New York City and its bohemian artistic circles in this delightful story of family, friendship and romance. The chaotic but warm-hearted Martin family are very appealing, and Scarlett herself is an especially likable heroine. An engaging romantic comedy that is certain to charm teen readers.

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