Story Soup

Publisher: Templar

Ollie is mixing up a new story in the kitchen and his little sister Susie is eager to help. Ollie wants to make a story about a skateboard, so he throws one into the pot, but Susie thinks a princess story would be much better, so she sneaks in her princess doll when Ollie isn’t looking. They end up with a twisting turning tale about a skateboarding princess and a silly pirate who can’t swim.

As the story brews, the siblings disagree more and more. And with each new "ingredient" they add to the soup, the story takes an unexpected turn. Soon the story soup gets completely out of control and their characters get into danger. Will Ollie and Susie be able to work together to save the day?

Story Soup is a fun celebration of the power of imagination and a great introduction to how to create a story. There’s even a "story soup" recipe at the end of the book, which guides a child through the story writing process. While also exploring sibling rivalry and forgiveness, this is a fantastic book to show youngsters that you can mix seemingly random items and ideas together and make an awesome, wacky story, just like Ollie and Susie’s.

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