Stories for South Asian Super Girls: A Treasure Trove of 50 Illustrated Biographies of Amazing South Asian Women

Publisher: Kashi House

Aanchal Malhotra collects people's memories of Partition (the division of India and Pakistan in 1947) so that they won't be lost. Actress Jameela Jamil, dismayed at the entertainment industry's custom of airbrushing photos of women, founded the inspirational I Weigh movement, setting a positive example about body image. In 1976, Jayaben Desai led other women in a huge protest over unfair working practices at the factory she worked at in London, and then visited over 1000 other workplaces in the UK, encouraging others to fight with her to improve their working conditions.

This beautifully illustrated collection of 50 biographies showcases a huge range of historical and modern day South Asian women's stories and achievements. It's always fascinating to learn about the pioneers we might not have come across before, and Khaira cites her inspiration for making the book as her frustration at knowing only a handful of stories about women she could look up to as a child.

Heartwarmingly full of the power, resilience and ingenuity of South Asian women, this book also profiles its 10 talented illustrators in their own special section, showing the importance of art in illustrated books and inspiring all children to know that this is a career open to them too.

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